21 Adidas 3SGB West Squads punch their ticket to the 3SSB Finale

The Adidas 3SGB West regional qualifiers came down to the wire this year with a great deal of quality squads! Some teams made their mark and left no doubt that they were the best by going undefeated, and some snuck their way into the 3SSB Finale due to point differential. The competitive field ultimately led to 21 teams being chosen to qualify for the Adidas 3SSB Finale in Rock Hill, SC on July 9th-14th. In this recap, we will provide you a breakdown of how each age group played out.


Adidas 3SGB is a competitive high school AAU circuit comprised of teams from all over North America. All of these club’s aspire to reach the 3SSB finale in July – The pinnacle of AAU hoops that will provide their kids an opportunity to play against some of the top teams in the nation. This event will also provide their kids a chance for maximum exposure – a chance to be seen by college coaches from all over the country. In order to qualify, teams must play a total of 8 games at 2 mandated events in a league-type setting. The top 4 teams from each age group by record are guaranteed to punch their ticket, with an opportunity for at-large berth’s for the next teams in line.


Utah Valley Prime (UT)*(8-0)
Team Esface*(8-0)
OGP Anaheim 17U Elite*(8-0)
UBC Elite (UT)*(7-1)
We Rise Elite (HI)*(7-1)
Coastal Elite (San Diego)*(7-1)
AZ Gremlins*(7-1)
Tru Colorado(6-2)
Team Sacramento Pharaohs 17’S(6-2)
Team Progress 17U (Portland)(6-2)
*Qualifiers are bolded and italicized

The 17u 3SGB division qualifiers are headlined by first year Utah Valley Prime, the only program in 3SGB to have a qualifier in each age group. UVP not only qualified in each division, but they accomplished this without dropping a single game, going 24-0 combined as a program. Team Esface and OGP Anaheim also swept the field, winning most of their games in convincing fashion.

The rest of the 17u pool of qualifiers were rounded out by the 5 teams who finished 7-1. UBC Elite & FLASH! ELITE (TX) have a team qualify for the 3SSB finale for the 2nd year in a row. Coastal Elite (CA), We Rise Elite (HI), and the AZ Gremlins (AZ) receive a bid for the first time in their programs history.

The 16u 3SGB division had some controversy around the last spot. As Evolve Performance qualified by having the best point differential out of all the (6-2) squads. The rest of the qualifiers controlled their own destiny , because each of these teams went into the final day of games with no losses. OGP Anaheim Elite, Utah Valley Prime (UT), Lakeshow Gipson, & NW Drip (WA) finished off the job by going undefeated. Our 7-1 (FLASH! ELITE!, PHX Runnin Rebels (AZ), AZ Storm Grind (AZ)) squads only losses came at the hands of the undefeated teams in this division. The 16u division held a total of 8 3SSB bids, including 4 teams who are first time qualifiers.


OGP Anaheim 16U Elite*(8-0)
Utah Valley Prime (UT)*(8-0)
Lakeshow 16U Gipson*(8-0)
NW Drip (WA)*(8-0)
PHX Runnin Rebels (AZ)*(7-1)
AZ Storm 16U Grind (AZ)*(7-1)
Evolve Performance (Oakland)*(6-2)
Utah Hard Knox (UT)(6-2)
Sixth Man 16U Gold (San Diego)(6-2)
San Diego All-Stars Elite(6-2)
SF Work Hard, Play Hard (SF)(6-2)
*Qualifiers are bolded and italicized


SF Work Hard, Play Hard*(8-0)
Local Hoops (WA)*(8-0)
Future Elite (LA)*(8-0)
Utah Valley Prime (UT)*(8-0)
NorCal Prep (Oakland)*(8-0)
Project Excellence (CAN)(7-1)
AK Rivals United (Alaska)(7-1)
The Collective (Canada)(7-1)
*Qualifiers are bolded and italicized

The Committee decided to choose the 5 undefeated teams in the 15u division. of the 5 qualifiers, 4 of them are first time qualifiers in any age group. SF Work Hard, Play Hard is the lone repeating team, as they qualified for the 3SSB finale in 15u last year as well. All these teams qualified in dominating fashion, winning most of their games by double-digits.


These qualifying teams are set to compete in the 3SGB Palmetto Road Championships July 9th-14th in Rock Hill, SC. The remaining Adidas 3SGB Teams are set to participate in either the Gold Championship in Rock Hill, SC or The Final Act hosted by The Stage Circuit. Both events are set to take place on July 11th-14th, During the NCAA Live Viewing Period. Teams traveling to the Gold Championship will have the chance to compete against teams from the Adidas 3SGB East Region. At the Final Act, independent teams from all over the west coast will have their opportunity to earn their stripes against the Adidas 3SGB West Field.